Things I’ve made trying to test my skills and learn new things

I have worked on multiple projects ranging from small to large-scale applications. All these projects are open-source, Do checkout my github for source code and let me know if something can be improved.

  • Spotify Clone

    Full Stack Clone of Spotify. Supabase for authentication and database and zustand for state management.

    Live Demo

  • Color Shades Generator

    Try out this Cool Color Shades Generator that gives you 21 shades of any color you want built on React.

    Live Demo

  • TODO App

    A Simple Todo App built on React to keep track of your day to day tasks. Check out the live demo.

    Live Demo

  • Guess the Color

    Try out this Color Game that generates random colors and you have to guess which shade is it.

    Live Demo

  • Dice Game

    Interactive Dice Game that lets you play game with your friends and family. Enter your details to play it.

    Live Demo